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Welcome to the ISTEC's search service

Here you can access more than 300 thousands academic resources from institutions belonging to the Ibero-American Science & Technology Education Consortium.
You will find many resources such as Journal articles, Theses and Books. All resources displayed in this site have a very high academic and scientific value, and they are (almost) all accesible under Open Access policies.

ISTEC news

Celsius® is a software -created in PrEBi-UNLP- that allows to manage users' documentation requests from the reference service. This software has been adopted by ISTEC as the standard platform for the LibLink Initiative, and it has been installed in 10 American countries, counting 34 known instances so far.
ISTEC's federated search engine is a free service oriented to simplify the access to documents and academic resources. This engine is able to execute distributed and simultaneous search queries over many online catalogs, including ISTEC members catalogs and Open Access public collections. Query results are gathered and unified into one single page, which saves librarians from visiting and searching over each single catalog.